So yesterday while I was working at the bookstore some girl came up with a barcode tattooed on her wrist. Of course, my first question to her was “Can I scan it?” I guess she had never had it scanned before and was pretty excited about it. She talked about how it was sentimental to her and stuff. I scanned it and she rang up as a bag of Jalapeño Cheetos. She then became livid and, of course, I was dying of laughter.

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Oh and we have the choice of getting married here or in north or South Carolina…. IDK!!!



In 4 weeks..


i feel like the plastic barrier between him and me is the month of april

its not going to last forever and that scares me

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Soon, DJ and I will finally have a place to call home. We will be staying in one place for at least a year. No more worrying about when we will move next. So many things are changing for the better! Now all I need is a big girl job!